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So here we are… It is May 2018 and 3.5 years passed since the Idea of a fully automated Monitoring-System for Flat-roofs has come to my mind. 

3.5 years of constantly developing, doing research, realigning, testing and upskilling.

3.5 years filled with numerous ups and downs.

3.5 years of searching for partners, experts and building a team.

In those 3.5 years we learned so much. From the Launch of a Company in Austria to dealing with Grant Applications to creating a Logo and Company-Design to analyzing Marketing-Research-Papers to Payroll Accounting to so many other things. 

And a countless number of experiences and lessons to learn are still ahead.

But this Blog will not be about exchanging experiences. This Blog will not describe the daily start-up life. 

We K-I-S-S…. we keep it straight and simple! So, this Blog will contain news about roofSec. News we are proud of, news we want to share with you and news we think might be interesting for you.

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