Protect your roof

roofSec is a fully automated monitoring system, that detects and immediately reports leakages on flat roofs

Your benefits

Why roofSec?

roofSec monitors your flat roof 24/7 and prevents moisture ingress. In the event of damage, it triggers an alarm. So you save money, spare your nerves and are always on the safe side.
Precise leakage detection
Real-time leak notification
24/7 monitoring

How it works

The roofSec system in 3 steps

  1. The sensor cable will be installed following a planned layout
  2. Mounting the communication unit inside the building
  3. All gathered information will be sent to the cloud service , where the main data analysis takes place

Fits on every flat roof

roofSec is that flexibel

Suitable for any common roof structure

Compatible with all industry standard materials

Freely installable, regardless of the shape of the building

roofSec fits in seamlessly

Flat roof structure with sensor cable

  1. Green Roof Build-Up / Gravel
  2. Waterproof Membrane
  3. Thermal Insulation
  4. roofSec Sensor Cable
  5. Vapour Barrier
  6. Concrete / Timber

Not convinced yet?

What our customers say about us

"The easy installation of the roofSec monitoring system was confirmed by our team."

Joachim Biedermann, HARTL HAUS Holzindustrie GmbH

Does our system fit to your project?

Contact us now - we are happy to advise you!


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